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Rabindra Maitree University has confidently set its sail back in 2015 on the historic land of Kusthia. The purpose of the university is to create a real difference in tertiary level education and we are marching towards our goal. We seek for creating a university which will become a model in the demography of Bangladesh and will change the landscape of Kusthia with our modern educational programs, dynamic faculties and students.

Kusthia is the cultural hub of Bangladesh and we have targeted to enrich our institute with the cultural heritage of this grand land. The Great Nobel laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore is deeply connected to Kusthia. He is a bridge between the Bangla speaking people of Bangladesh and India. I have diagrammed the name “Rabindra Maitree University” from that very concept. This university will act as a bridge for the learners from different spheres of the globe.

We have fully organized programs here that can boost the way of development of the students. It is obvious that students’ aesthetic and technical development is our prime concern. Here in RMU our enriched faculties are motivating our students to grow as creative, modern and critical individuals who can adopt easily to changing global conditions.

At RMU we pay attention to our students’ socio-cultural achievements as well as their academic success. We have different clubs to improve their individual characteristics. We encourage them to participate in different programs and activities to broaden their mind and wisdom.

The medium of instruction in all faculties and departments except Department of Bengali in RMU is English and we are certain that our graduates will be different and privileged individuals.

As a young university we take firm steps forward in order to contribute to the future of our country and realize our objectives and dreams.